Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reading Out Loud

My boys are probably not as old as I like to think that they are but it all started this past summer.  There are so many books that I never read as a child and I'm eager to read them now. Not to read them alone, all tucked up in my bed after a long day, but to enjoy them with others, mainly my children.  So we started by reading the Little House series.  (Yes, this was a series I never read growing up). I am probably more eager than they are to find out what happens.  Once Almanzo entered the picture I couldn't repress the goofy smile that came to my lips and the irresistible urge to say, "You know who is here on the prairie? Almaaanzoooo......"  Since I only have sons they humor me but don't quite share my eager anticipation to find out how he and Laura actually fall in love and get married.

We enter into these other worlds mostly at lunch and tea time (and sometimes when they are going to bed). 

We recently took a break from "Little Town on the Prairie" and read "The Saturdays" by Elizabeth Enright. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not sure if the boys gleaned all of the wonderful sayings or the more difficult vocabulary but we all seemed to look forward to each chapter. 

So are there any more great read aloud book recommendations? I would love to keep adding to my list.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Squirrels and other wild animals

One of the marks of truly settling in seems to be setting in place a bird feeder. I'm not sure we have had this luxury in any of the places we have lived in before.  The boys Grandaddy made us a lovely one and installed it last Saturday and now things seem to be complete. Since the initial installation not a bird has come near it (even with my futile attempts at scattering seed all over the grass and banister) but there is a very fun squirrel who is constantly teasing us with his presence.  Every time we see him we all sneak up as quietly as possible and let our vicious dog Lucy out for the chase. She has come close several times to snatching some bit of the tail but the squirrel definitely seems to have an advantage over her (one being that it can climb trees and unfortunately she has yet to figure this skill out). 
All this squirrel watching and chasing made our school day very lively and prompted me to bring out my binoculars.  The ones I have clung to ever since my parents got them for me and have moved them with me to each new location (which has probably totaled at least 8 or 10 moves). They are something everyone loves to have around but never remembers to get out. Well, we have finally gotten them out and our backyard has become a safari adventure.