Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Week #21: Smile/Face

So here are some shots I've gotten so far this week.

 My Peter..

I had to include Eliza's smirking baby. She calls it her "sad baby".

Week #21: Smile/Face

I'm super excited about this weeks theme because I love faces and I love eyes; however, this week has already brought surprises. Monday I was jumping back into the routine and I ran outside to snap a few quick shots. When I returned inside I heard a huge crash and ran upstairs to find my youngest crying and her head bleeding. This is what resulted....
 So I went into full fledged mom panic. I called my sister-in-law because last year her son had done this to his head and I knew she would know what to do. She came over and we cleaned the wound and got her taped up. I had to shave some of her lovely curls off!
I couldn't have done it without my sister-in-laws help but I think we will make it through this. If she can manage to go long enough without hitting her head again (which will be miracle!).
No more pigtails for awhile. :-(

Changing from 365 to 52

As with almost everything in my life when I decide to do something I usually dive in the deep end instead of taking the more thoughtful and slow approach. I have once again found myself having a very hard time keeping up with what I assumed would not be a problem. As I was researching 365 photo challenges I read and saw that some people start by doing a 52 photo challenge. The 52 photo challenge is to take one photo a week for a year on different themes. Instead of wisely choosing this to begin with I plunged ahead into a 365 challenge and now I am forced to rethink that commitment. Since my themes are broken up into weeks I am now going to change to a 52 photo challenge following the themes I've already scheduled. This gives me the flexibility to take more than one photo if I want to but if I find a particular week to be challenging them I can release myself from the guilt of not getting a photo done a day and just focus on meeting the weekly goal. 
I do hope there are those out there enjoying the photos and this challenge. I know it has forced me to grow. If you have any critiques or advice please feel free to comment. 

Week #20: Perspective

So I completely missed this week. I was actually very excited about this theme so I think I'm going to move it to another week so that I get a chance to experiment with perspective. Here are a few of my favorites from other photographers to give you an idea of some of the creative shots that can be taken to force perspective. 
Again all of these shots are from other talented photographers but I do look forward to getting a chance to come up with some on my own to post here this summer.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Week #19: Black and White (Day 118)

Day 118

Today I am going to cheat a bit and repost a picture from several months ago. I loved this picture and it was one of my very few black and white pictures so I wanted to post it again. Next week's theme is perspective. I'm already intimidated. I'll have to figure out how that differs from Macro and get a bit more creative.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week #19: Black and White (Day 113)

This week's theme is Black and White. Unfortunately Black and white has never really been my thing so this will definitely stretch me and my skills. I normally love to see color. I love the eyes and how they pop in the right light, the brilliant greens of spring and the striking colors that surround us. Hopefully after this week I will discover the beauty and timelessness of black and white. 

Day 113

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Week #18: Water (Day 106)

Day 106

Week #17: Earth (Days 99-104)

I missed this week completely! My mom arrived from Florida and there were so many other things going on that I decided I would have to pass on earth pictures. I look forward to next week's theme: Water (especially since we have been getting so much rain!).

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Week #13: Body (Day 75)

Day 75
The better to hear you with...

Week #13: Body (Day 74)

Day 74

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Week #13: Body (Day 73)

Day 73
pink nails in the dirt

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Week #11

Day 59-64
As I read about others who had done a 365 photo project one of the things I learned was that although your goal can be to take a photo-a-day for the whole year life does not always cooperate. When I started this year I thought it would be a pretty uneventful year and taking a photo a day shouldn't be much of an issue. How hard can it be anyway to snap a shot once a day? However, I have found it to be a bit more challenging than I expected. 
Of course we had our fair share of sickness this year which either delayed or completely destroyed my intentions of taking pictures. We finally got past that and now I am finding that again I need to bow out.
This week's theme would have been "Shoes"; however, today I just learned that my grandma passed away last night. We are making preparations to drive to the visitation and funeral so I am not planning to take photos this entire week. 
I do plan to jump back into it next week but again I will have to shelf my photo challenge for now. 

(This photo was taken last summer on our trip to see my Grandma. My uncle and his little boy are taking the kids on a pony cart ride)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015