Thursday, April 19, 2012

And the Winners Are...

Drum roll please.....

The 3 runners up and winners of the Castille soap are:

Christy S.

The winner of the baby balm is:

Sarah Johnson!!

Would the winners please e-mail me privately with their addresses so that I can mail your prizes? You can e-mail me at

Thank you all so much for participating. I plan to do many more of these with new products and other wonderful things I just can't help but share.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy to Give!

April is one of the best months in the whole year! Partially because the flowers start to bloom, birds start to sing, and the weather is mostly absolutely perfect. The other reason is because my birthday is in April (along with many of my family members birthdays but of course my own is most interesting to me even if I'm not getting any younger).
In order to celebrate this year I felt like giving instead of getting (well, I might be getting too but that's beside the point). The focus right now is giving to my readers and all those out there who love all natural products.

Before Eliza was born I created a baby balm to help with diaper rash, dry skin, and pretty much just about everything a baby and I have to deal with after labor and delivery. I'm not trying to "toot my own horn" but I have to say I absolutely LOVE this stuff!! I have used it on Eliza and myself (for dry skin patches, etc.) since day one. It seems to take care of any diaper rash almost immediately. It also cures dry skin. Every member of my family is inflicted with dry skin and the babies are no exception. Eliza is particularly susceptible to get it under her arm pits, neck, behind her knees and in the creases of her "oh so chubby" legs. So every night after her bath I cover her whole body with it and give her a little massage which makes her and her skin so very happy. The other amazing thing that I love about this baby balm is that it washes right out of cloth diapers. As you might have guessed from that comment I use cloth diapers and some creams and ointments I have used in the past DO NOT wash out! My Happy Baby Balm does, so I love it even more (not the mention that it is completely all natural).

All that buildup brings me to the point--I want to give one of these away! I want you to know just why I love this balm so very much!

Here is the gist:

This giveaway will start now, April 12 and run until next Wednesday, April 18th at midnight. The winner will be announced Thursday, April 19th.

So how do you win?

1.  Comment on this blog. You can say whatever you want to. You can talk about your lovely baby, post pics of your babe, ooh and awe over their tiny toes and fingers or just exclaim how much you love to get free stuff!!

2.  Tweet about it and link to the blog and then comment to let me know you tweeted.

3. Follow this blog. I would LOVE to have more insight from my readers and to get that I would love to add more readers to my blog. So if you follow this blog you get another chance in the running for the  giveaway.

Do all 3 and you get 3 entries!! Bonus!!

So what are you waiting for??!!

Oh, and just so I can spread the love a bit I will be sending a brand new bar of Pure Unscented Castille Soap to the 3 runners up. This soap is not yet for sale on my site yet so it will come wrapped but not labeled. I would love to know what the runners up think once they have used the soap and any suggestions for scents, etc. I plan to add a Castile line to my soap products and would love some scent ideas and feedback.