Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Week #21: Smile/Face

I'm super excited about this weeks theme because I love faces and I love eyes; however, this week has already brought surprises. Monday I was jumping back into the routine and I ran outside to snap a few quick shots. When I returned inside I heard a huge crash and ran upstairs to find my youngest crying and her head bleeding. This is what resulted....
 So I went into full fledged mom panic. I called my sister-in-law because last year her son had done this to his head and I knew she would know what to do. She came over and we cleaned the wound and got her taped up. I had to shave some of her lovely curls off!
I couldn't have done it without my sister-in-laws help but I think we will make it through this. If she can manage to go long enough without hitting her head again (which will be miracle!).
No more pigtails for awhile. :-(

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