Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Changing from 365 to 52

As with almost everything in my life when I decide to do something I usually dive in the deep end instead of taking the more thoughtful and slow approach. I have once again found myself having a very hard time keeping up with what I assumed would not be a problem. As I was researching 365 photo challenges I read and saw that some people start by doing a 52 photo challenge. The 52 photo challenge is to take one photo a week for a year on different themes. Instead of wisely choosing this to begin with I plunged ahead into a 365 challenge and now I am forced to rethink that commitment. Since my themes are broken up into weeks I am now going to change to a 52 photo challenge following the themes I've already scheduled. This gives me the flexibility to take more than one photo if I want to but if I find a particular week to be challenging them I can release myself from the guilt of not getting a photo done a day and just focus on meeting the weekly goal. 
I do hope there are those out there enjoying the photos and this challenge. I know it has forced me to grow. If you have any critiques or advice please feel free to comment. 

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