Monday, January 11, 2010


I have created a new soap just in time for Valentine's day. A few months ago one of my friends requested a floral soap. Well, I set out on a quest to find essential oils that would combine in such a way to create a feminine floral scent that would still reflect my own personality but wouldn't be too earthy (yes, I know it is a bit shocking but I do tend to be a bit earthy in my scents).

Through my journey I settled on a blend of Jasmine, Rose and Sandalwood Essential oil. These oils combined create a soap that smells feminine and elegant. This is the type of soap you would find at a posh spa, not necessarily at your health food store.

Once my husband smelled it he set to work creating an interesting name. He being an english major is not necessarily happy when I name my soap something like "floral soap". After a bit of searching he discovered the term "Rosarium" which means "Rose Garden". It fit the soap perfectly and I loved the sound; however, if you google "Rosarium" you will discover that the term is also connected to the Catholic church (playing on the word "rosary"). Not quite our intention.

I made Roasaium just in time for my Valentine's Day deadline because it will make a perfect Valentine's Day gift. I am also going to combine it with a set of two white Crocheted washcloths as a Valentine's Day gift set.

This soap makes up for the batch I destroyed last week. I was trying to make a new Lime-Basil soap and ended up adding way too much Basil Essential Oil. The result was a very green soap (I also added parsley powder to make it green) that smelled distinctly peppery, almost like Black Licorice but now quite. Warren took one snif and said, "yuck!" Nice.... so that soap was scraped and given away to my gracious family who are willing to take all natural soap even if it doesn't smell the best.

So I needed my floral one to turn out and I do believe it turned out lovely.

I had to borrow my niece for the photo shoot because I really wanted a girl to pose with my soap since this is a distinctly feminine soap and there is a shortage of feminine presence in my household.

I'm trying not to eat, breath and sleep soap but sometimes it is hard. Still, it is nice to have a new one on the list.


Kim Crist said...

Oh, I want a bar of that Basil soap! I can smell it everytime I'm in the mood for bruschetta and don't have supplies on hand. :) Seriously, I think the experimenting with soap is a great idea, are you thinking about something green for March? Not necessarily St. Pat's glitter/green beer line, but something to remember that spring is on the way and how exciting that is? :)

Erin said...

Rosarium sounds just lovely, both the name and the scent. :)

Lesley Mitchell said...

Rosarium is absolutely wonderful. I bought two bars and plan on giving one as a gift. Whoever thought of the idea for a floral soap was a genius ;-) You are doing a great job.