Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dreams and Reality

It is easy to confuse the images that fill my mind with reality. I have learned that on many levels. I have and am learning that when it comes to the dream of a house that was really not meant to be and the reality of staying 12 more months in an apartment with a not so lovely landlord.

I absorb this reality on a much smaller scale as well. Last week when I was feeling particularly motivated and desirous of a nature retreat my son, Warren, came up with the brilliant idea of packing a lunch and going for a walk/picnic. I have a hard time keeping myself indoors on even the dreariest of days and this day was lovely. So, we packed a lunch, picked up some books at the library and headed out on our journey. Three small boys settled in on the picnic bench, PB&J in hand and me reading to them about all the disgusting foods people used to eat. Then lawnmower man shows up eager to tame some of the savage nature that surrounds us. My youngest son starts panicking (at this point he has a paralyzing fear of machinery), nats start swarming in our eyes, around our food, in our mouths...rocks find their way into our shoes as I drag my littlest terror stricken boy on our walk and soon the idealic scene turns into a quick retreat to the van.

And I sigh...another chance for reality to show itself.

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