Friday, February 24, 2012

All in one week

Our week at a glance:

The first snow of the winter. I think all told we got around 8 inches. The kids were frantic to play in it Monday and it's a good thing they did because by the afternoon almost all 8 inches had melted and yesterday and today we have had the windows open.  I love Virginia!

A new baby cousin entered the world on Wednesday. Baby Eleanor finally decided to join the rest of us out here. Eliza will finally have a playmate. 

A little less important on the list in the events of this week was the finalization of my new website. I have been working on this for a little while and it has been close to a thorn in my flesh although one of my own making. I am happy with it though and glad to walk away from the computer for a bit and get back to reading time with the kids and all the other things I missed as I was so focused on getting the website marked off my list.  

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Irene Grace said...

Love the pictures! We only got about 4 inches of snow here. Oh how I would have loved to have been there with all that snow!

I still haven't met Eliza! Give me a call the next time you're in Roanoke and I'll call you the next time I'm in Blacksburg.

Brite's baby is adorable! She has so much hair.