Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A glance back

April at a glance...

Ben found a slide and made a swing for the treehouse and now the boys finally seem to enjoy playing outside (instead of inside with legos all-day-long!)

In spite of the fact that this is a two story tree house with a trap door it took having a slide and cheap swing to get them out there!! 

Another event this month was that Eliza started sitting up and is now trying very hard to figure out the whole crawling thing. She's definitely more motivated than the boys were (that's not really saying much)

She is known as the Clover Queen at church. Last week her cousins made her a clover crown, bracelet and a bunch of clovers to be her wand. 

The end of April is full of birthdays. First Ben's dad celebrated his, then the weekend after that my mom and dad came up to visit and celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. On the 30th there was a party for me and my sister-in-law. So many reasons to celebrate!

Eliza loved having Grandpa here!

Part of my parents gift to me....I think this should last about a week or so :-)

Ben also surprised me with this amazing cup cake. It was chocolate espresso with espresso cream filling. Who could ask for more? I took one bite and decided it was ALL MINE!
I also enjoyed a cup of tea in my new ceramic travel mug (thanks for my mother-in-law). 

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