Monday, December 29, 2014

Beginning again in 2015

This past year I experienced something I never expected to experience (at least not so soon). My dad passed away in January and after that I have been doing all I can to cope with this loss and continue pressing on with life. I am not even going to start to pour out on this public forum because so much of what I am feeling and going through is still so precious to me and I'm not ready to make it known to everyone. However, God is so very good to cover all of us who are hurting so deeply with His grace and I cling to Him.

I am revisiting my blog because it is going to keep me accountable. I have decided to take a 365 challenge. When I mentioned that to my husband he smirked and assumed it was another one of those workout challenges. I quickly explained that I am going to commit to taking a photo a day for all of 2015 with the exception of Sundays. I have asked a friend to join me on this endeavor. It might seem like such a simple task but I am already overwhelmed and I haven't even started yet. 

I plan to post a photo each day on this blog so that if anything I at least have it to be accountable to. I would love others to join me by checking out my photos and commenting on anything that stands out. Thank you ahead of time to all those who will be willing to check out my blog and my photos. 

Let the 2015 photography journey begin!  


Anonymous said...

Beautiful blue eyes.

Sue Knipe said...

Mary, so sorry to hear about your Dad! Praying for the Lord to give you peace and sweet memories. Psalm 29:11 Love, Sue