Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From Friends to Distant Acquaintances

I have fallen so deeply in love with handmade and vintage items that I can't help checking Etsy several times a day on a quest for extraordinary and inspiring products that people have put their heart and love into creating. I am also driven by my desire to support the person and not the corporation. This Christmas my goal is to follow these desires as I think of gifts for my loved ones.

I have family and friends on etsy as well as some very distant acquaintances. Here are some sites I love to alight upon and I hope you will enjoy as well.

My very creative Sister-In Law's site: All Things Brite
I am amazed at what Brite is able to create. I am not much for ribbons and bows and because of this I find myself loving her cards. I enjoy the sleek lines and minimalistic messages. Here are a few that I was given. They make wonderful gifts.

One summer morning as I was visiting with this friend I found myself overwhelmed with all the things she is able to do and create while chasing after her two children and finishing up a master's thesis. As I savored each bite of homemade strawberry shortcake she displayed her jewelry, children's creations, bags and clothes and departed truly inspired. She has recently opened up a shop on etsy and I am very excited to see what she adds to her collection: Gentle Home

Distant Acquaintance....
Mollie went to the same college I did although I never got to know her very well. I knew she played the cello beautifully and had an incredibly artistic flair that seemed to follow her wherever she went. I never cease to be amazed at the moments she is able to capture through her camera lens and the most exquisite creations that she can make out of paper. Her site is definitely worth seeing: Royal Buffet


Kristen D said...

Okay, you've inspired me to get my art/crafting onto Etsy. :)



mollie said...

oh, thanks mary! you're too kind.