Thursday, October 29, 2009


My world is full of tiny sniffles, low fevers and looney tunes. Fall comes and goes, rainy days to brilliant sun and amazingly blue skies. I don't think I ever get used to it--being surrounded by amazingly brilliant colors. My favorite are the trees that still cling to their green leaves but lose half the battle as some of the leaves have turned a vivid red. Then, of course, there's the ones who give in gleefully and embrace yellow.

Being housebound has its advantages. I am forced to reckon with so many of the things that cry out for my attention and also put out of my mind the desire to flee. I have been overcome recently with a need for order. So much so that everything around me seems to be screaming at me from its chaos. So one by one I am dealing with the anarchy and soothing my own little boys simultaneously.

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brite said...

I didn't know you guys were you need your movies back asap?