Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I do realize that as I write this probably 100s of others are thinking and doing the same thing but I can't escape thinking a bit more on this during this time of year.


that 8 years ago during a Thanksgiving celebration I met Ben who would eventually become my husband (although at the time I was oblivious to that fact)

for those moments when I find myself sitting back and watching...
watching Ben and the boys laugh and play together, watching Warren read to his little brother, watching little Chris look out the window, fascinated by the world around him

for those times when Ben and I escape, get off by ourselves to enjoy a cup of coffee, an evening out, a weekend away

for music, the kind that makes me dance around the kitchen with the kids while I'm making supper, the songs that draw me into a pensive, somewhat morose mood; the songs that make me think more deeply about life; and the ones that I know are shallow but so very fun

for family, who make me feel like I can be at home, do anything and they will still love me but aren't afraid to chip away at the parts of me that stick out

the games, the constant snacking, sitting in front of the fireplace or on the front porch

Happy Thanksgiving....

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Ylime said...

I just stopped by after seeing your comment on my giveaway at The Handmade Experiment. You're right! We have a lot of great artists here in Portland and it is one of the things I am thankful for. Your family is beautiful! Such lovely looking boys and your knits are so colorful and fun. I can tell from the picture that the soap must smell wonderful!! Thanks for stopping by!

The Handmade Experiment