Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Perfect Name

Before my husband and I started even coming close to having children we made a list of names, both for boys and girls, that we both liked.  Interestingly enough we had at least 10 boy names at the time and barely any girl names.  So when we had our first boy there was no question. We knew exactly what we wanted to name him. This was the case for all three of the boys. Every time I would get pregnant we would know exactly what our boy name would be but would labor long over just one girl name we were happy with. 
It's also strange because even though we never used any of our girl names we would never carry those names over to the next pregnancy. By the time I would get pregnant again that name just didn't seem to fit.  
Well, this time has been completely different.  We had our girl name picked out way before I got pregnant and had absolutely no idea what boy name we both liked.  In my superstitious mind I thought, "Well, maybe this means I'm finally having a girl!"  We never find out what we are having so I still won't know for sure until October when the baby finally decides to show us its true gender but the farther along I go in this pregnancy the more I have this overwhelming feeling that we are having another boy.  I can't really explain it, it just seems like I am.
I even went so far as to take several online gender prediction tests. Okay, so I know that those things are completely crazy! I do find myself wondering how my age and the date I conceived has ANYTHING at all to do with my baby's gender. I even ran across a blog where a woman was swearing that the sure way to tell is to look at the hair line of the child born before this one.  CRAZY! So I admit that nothing can be relied on with these tests but I just couldn't help it.  As you guessed, almost all the tests I took proclaimed that I was having a boy. So we'll see. 
All this has spurred me on into a desperate search for a boy name that we both can agree on. 
It may not seem like a big deal to some. I know several couples who are weeks away from having their baby and still have no idea what they are going to name it. I just can't do that! I find that I get much more excited about the baby's arrival if I have a name that I am excited about. That is my hope this time. If I can find a boy name that we just love then I'll be a lot more excited about having another boy. 
Boys are all I know and I have been telling myself that it would be so much easier to have another boy. With all of that, I do have to admit that I finally came to terms with myself and was willing to admit that I really want to have a girl.  I was really hoping this would be our girl. I can't help trying to envision what our little girl would look like. When I go too far I stop and look at the amazing little boys I have and smile at the thought of having another warrior to add to this already male-dominated family.  

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Melissa Telling said...

I guess we would be one of those couples you know who are "weeks away from having their baby and still have no idea what they are going to name it." It's not what I would choose though. We just can't seem to come up with anything we really like. I am getting a little concerned now that we are almost 35 weeks though. :-)