Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Window to the World

Our big picture window has provided hours of entertainment for my 3 boys. Especially because a lot of things that happen around here involve trucks, scoops, trash trucks, backhoes, ladders and everything else that boys get very excited about.  A few weeks ago our neighbors even entertained us with a small kitchen fire that called out a fire truck and several police cars (heaven for my youngest boy who sat and watched until that very last one pulled away).  Today the tree trimmers are providing most of the edge of your seat thrills.  From climbing to the tops of the trees to devouring every last branch in their branch eating machine.

I on the other hand can think of only one thing. Today is the day that my camera is going to arrive.  I am not the queen of saving money. Ever since I was little I couldn't stand to have money in my pocket that wasn't being used to buy something immediately, so it was close to a monumental event that finally made me realize that to get the camera I wanted I was going to have to save up, not just a few months but possibly a few years. So last year I started. Every Christmas, birthday or event where I could squeeze money out of people I did. Finally after this past birthday I had enough to get me so close that my husband was willing to make up the difference.  So the Nikon d3100 will soon be in my possession and hopefully my photos will show a remarkable difference in quality because of it.

Another thing to be celebrated is the fact that hopefully we are done with the puking around here! It started out last Monday morning when Peter took it upon himself to loose his breakfast. That night Warren joined in on the fun only he didn't just join half-way, he put his whole heart into it. He was bedridden for at least 3 days (throwing up for 24+ hours and then incredibly weak and helpless for at least 36 hours). Once he decided to join the land of the living again my youngest couldn't help but get in on the action and started throwing up the day before my birthday. My husband had to stay home with the boys while I attended the family birthday party in honor of me and my sister-in-law.  Christopher tried to get better sooner but it wasn't until yesterday that he jumped into normalcy. This is when I decided I couldn't be left out and joined them. Thankfully mine only lasted a day.  I am hoping to say it is all behind us, that is if Ben doesn't want to get in on the action as well. 


mamat said...

Mary, Your post is so funny! I love your take on things. Thanks! MamaT

jojo said...

Awesome news about the camera...I'm saving up for one, too...can't wait to see your new photos!

I love the pic of the boys watching the world out the window!

Baghy said...

Haha it must be a joy to listen to their conversations while they are watching "the real life show". They are really cute :)

Debbie @ Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen said...

Your picture reminds me how much I love life with boys. They are easy in so many ways (...until they start driving all those things they are now just watching!)
Glad everyone is well. Looking forward to seeing one of your nephews (aka my grandson) later today. Can't wait!