Friday, June 17, 2011

A Party Around Every Corner

Today is Peter's Birthday.  Of my 3 boys he seems to take the  most after me in mood and disposition which is not necessarily good but something I can relate to.  He is definitely our moody artist at times, sensitive, independent, and now 5 years old.  The biggest milestone we have faced in turning 5 is giving up his tiny blue blanket and his thumb.  We tried to make a production of this reenforcing to him that he is now a big boy and all sorts of other logical reasons why the thumb should be turned away from. Unfortunately he is least of all logical at this point so I resorted to other methods. We went out yesterday to shop for a cozy stuffed animal to replace his beloved blanket. In the blazing sun of the afternoon without any hint of impending bedtime he eagerly brought me his blanket to be packed up for his posterity and picked out the stuffed animal to replace its affections (a tiger webkin which he has named "Tigerie").
Things were not as blissful last night as he was drifting off to sleep weeping over his blanket and pleading for us to get it back for him. I must say it was heartbreaking but we both stood firm and he made it through his first night with no thumb or blanket. This is what it means to turn 5.
Now we are all stuffed with chocolate chip pancakes and are pressing on for a day of movies and slight festivities as we continue to remember his big day.  Tomorrow Christopher turns 3 and the day will end in a big party for both of them which will hopefully include a pirate cake if I can manage to get it all put together. I'm a bit intimidated by that part.
Grandma and Grandpa arrive this evening and there is no end to the fun.


brite said...

In that last picture he looks SO much like you! I see it all the time, but that's amazing. At our house the blanket (or lambie, or whatever) goes at four, and then they have a year after that to give up sucking their thumb. Both Cooper and Adeline just didn't want to suck their appendages as much without their blankets, so it just fell into place. Thomas will probably be our stickler when it comes to that.... :)

Great pictures- time flies.

mamat said...

What a sweet tribute in pictures, to a very sweet little boy. [I am only mildly prejudiced!] ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary!

What a sweet post! It brought back sweet memories of my own thumb suckers at that age. I miss that time and am glad you are savoring the "littleness." The pictures are wonderful--I wish I could have you in my house with camera for a few days to capture my kids moods and expressions like that. Happy Birthday to both the boys and we will pray for Peter!
Love you, Jenni