Saturday, June 25, 2011

Moving on

Leaving all the festivities behind (and a few unopened and amazing looking lego sets) me and the boys packed up some of our belongings including floaties, sunscreen, swimming suits, goggles...and packed ourselves in with my parents for a much needed vacation to Florida. The only down side to this trip was having to leave daddy behind but so far I've managed to keep them pretty distracted.
Since our arrival there has been much Wii playing (I could never see Mario Kart again and be very happy), lego building, swimming, blueberry picking and beach chilling.  It has been wondering to have time to read and knit again.  There's just something about getting away for a time. The week has flown by but unlike most of my vacations to see my parents this one isn't quite over.
My Aunt from Oregon, my mom, me and my 3 boys (and of course #4 who is constantly making his presence known) are leaving again Monday for another eventful road trip. This time we are going to see my sister and niece how live in Missouri. I am pretty excited about seeing her place and being back in Missouri again. I armed myself today with 2 400 page Batman coloring books. With those and the DVD player we should be good to go for many hours on the road.  It almost feels a bit unfair because shortly after this trip ends my family (this time including Ben) will be headed to the beach for another week of vacation mode.  Let the summer begin!!

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