Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Traveling the World

Sniffling, sneezing and the hot summer heat.  I have yet to understand how one can get a cold when it is so intensely hot outside. I blow my nose and step outside half expecting to be greeted by a blustery wind but instead I'm greeted by the blistering sun. I am thankful for air, fans, and all things cooling during these times.
Vacations are behind us now. Memories of swimming pools, hotels, long road trips are captured in our minds and in few pictures. The smell of sunscreen and the feel of gritty sand all past. We're packing up the floaties, boogie boards, and goggles.  I am leaving out the swim clothes however for the one last adventure to the pool and the lake before things come to a complete end.
I can't say that I'm particularly sad about the transition into the next phase of this year.  I did love vacation. I had a chance to read for pure leisure, to relax with no stress about the next meal or how messy the house is getting.  Those were wonderful times but it seems as though it's in my blood to long for order and long for school. I can't remember a time when August arrived and I didn't light up at the thought of browsing the endless amounts of school supplies.  This year has been no exception. I am extremely eager to start school again even if the boys aren't quite on the same page yet.  So many exciting things to learn, adventures to have, and new things to read.  I have to admit, I even started my planning during the relaxed evenings at the beach. I couldn't fight the desire to map out our direction for this school year.  I have decided after research and many conversations with others to embark on a new journey in our schooling. We will be starting Tapestry of Grace this fall. It is new to us but follows the classical model of schooling and will hopefully provide some coherency to our journey. So next week begins the next phase with school books, pencils, paper, and many new things to learn.  It's a bit earlier than I started last year but with the baby coming in October I felt like I needed to get a head start. I know things are going to basically stop for a few weeks after our new little person joins the family.  
I do hope that with all this activity, all of our days being filled and nights of crashing into bed exhausted, that soon I will find myself on the edge of delivery. When I stop to think about it my due date still seems so far away and although I do not wish to run through each day with very little thought for the blessings it has given to us, I also find myself very eager to be past this next hurdle and on with the transition of actually having the baby instead of anticipating its arrival.  
So with all these things filling our time we bid adue to summer and hopefully soon the very hot weather it has been surrounding us with and move on to the cool breezes of fall and the new life that we will soon be able to meet face to face. 

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