Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today Warren woke up to birthday cheers! He is officially 7 years old even though I have been referring to him as 7 for a few months now. There seems to be no end to the celebrations. I let him off school today, allowed him to pick out his own special breakfast (fruity pebbles-he insisted on cereal despite my willingness to make chocolate chip pancakes, waffles or whatever he wanted). He got a special birthday lunch with daddy and tonight he gets to open his package from Grandma and Grandpa.  Tomorrow night we will be having a family birthday party for him with all of his cousins. I am making these Lego men pops and a lego block cake.  
I could definitely wax eloquent on how quickly the time has flown, how I already barely remember him and what he was like as a baby (was he really ever that tiny?) and many other maternal musings but I will try to hold myself back.
I do have to admit that the older my kids get the more and more I enjoy them.  I really love age 7.  He is still so willing and wanting to please and love his parents (hopefully something that will never go away even if it changes with different stages) and he is also able to hold his own in a conversation.
This past year he has learned to ride a bike without training wheels, build lego creations all by himself without needing any help from us, enjoy chapter books that have very little pictures, play the piano, and all around become more and more of a little man.
So here's to you Mr. Inquisitive! Happy Birthday!

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