Friday, January 27, 2012

If you build it...

I'm not sure what is worse-getting a root canal (I've never had one so it's hard to know) or trying to rebuild lego sets that have been absorbed into a huge container of lego pieces. Last Saturday we decided to humor the boys and torture ourselves by trying to reconstruct some of the sets that they have been given over the past few years. Needless to say after an entire afternoon of digging, sorting, straining, and all but running out the door screaming we were able to assemble one small pizza shop and part of the trailer that goes to Christopher's Mack truck.  Although we would NEVER do it I can sympathize with those who have decided to glue their lego sets together in order to prevent them from coming appart ever again. (As a side note I never knew people did this until my husband met a lady who was selling the lego castle on craigslist. We snatched it up only to discover upon closer investigation that almost the entire castle had been super-glued together. It went immediately in the trash and we learned our lesson.)

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Anonymous said...

The scene you pictured is too too familiar! Thankfully, mine are now either old enough to find their stuff themselves, or they can draft a sibling--there is hope! But I remember so well the hours I spent on my knees sorting through misc pieces--the real frustration was that I could look through the whole mess for one piece and then once it was found search through the whole mess AGAIN for the next piece on the list! That was when I went to walmart and bought those little white drawer units in the storage aisle and assigned each drawer a lego color, or lable (like men & accessories) and put the kids to work sorting all the legos by category. Once they were all sorted into the proper drawers, if I needed a certain black piece, I only had to look through the black pieces drawer--not the whole mess! Word to the wise though, I initially underestimated how much lego stuff we had! I had to go back and buy bigger drawers!

Just a thought--thanks for the trip down memory lane and for the glimpse into your little boy world!
Love you both!