Friday, March 2, 2012

The Reason for God

The above picture is mostly there to humor the grandparents. I have spent so much time lately taking pictures of other people's children that I decided to get in a few shots of my own babes. I couldn't resist putting a ponytail in Eliza's hair. She has a rather thick patch of hair right at the back of her head and I am so eager see her long curly locks. She's definitely my little sprout!

Okay, on to more serious matters. I did have the greatest intentions of finishing my February book, The Reason for God, but apparently being accountable to myself and the readers of this blog just doesn't motivate me quite enough. I am just starting Part 2 and really have solid hopes of finishing it soon. It's definitely NOT because I didn't enjoy the book but it was more because I chose to become obsessed with photography (mostly newborn photography) and running all at the same time. I loaded my arms with books on running (and yes it was a new concept to me that I would need to read a book on running. I mean how hard can it be? but that's for another post) and photography and tried to cram them into my already limited reading time. So excuses aside I'll dive right in.

I must admit that I have been trying to read this book from the viewpoint of someone who doesn't believe in God or at best is a bit skeptical.  I'm not sure if I'm doing that viewpoint justice though since I do very much believe and love God and it's hard, actually impossible, to step out of that and read the book with any other belief system in mind. 
That disclaimer aside, I do think it would be a great book to give to someone who knows little of God or has a lot of questions regarding who He is and how He works with His people. Timothy Keller deals with a lot of hard questions such as "How could a good God allow suffering?",  "How can a loving God send people to Hell?", and "how can their be just ONE true religion?".  I can't imagine that there is not a soul out there who has not struggled with these questions even if right now you consider yourself to be one of the most faithful Christians there ever was. I don't think I will even stop struggling with how God chooses to work and how weak my own faith is so much of the time. 

I think the insight Timothy Keller brings to these questions and the many struggles in and outside the Christian community not only come from his long study of the Scripture but also his real life experiences pastoring a church in New York City. He comes into contact with scores of diverse personalities and perspectives that help lend credence to what he is working through. He also writes in a very understandable way which I find refreshing, especially when considering this book as a future gift to someone who might not be entrenched in the Christian life and lingo. 

I am thankful to the friend who suggested this book and very much look forward to delving into Part 2: The Reasons for Faith.

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