Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reading and playing

Things my sons love

The afternoon after a trip to the library where long reading sessions abound with delightful new books

Games--Sequence for kids, go fish, I spy, memory...need I go on

Legos--their new police headquarters, miscellaneous space men from Goodwill, the pizza parlor and pretty much any possible creation that can be made

Little cars (also known as micro machines for those of us old enough to remember, my husband has several in amazing condition with wonderful little streets and towns to play with them on, the boys LOVE these ***I have to admit I also think they are very wonderful)

the playmobil magazine

snacks...especially candy although since I am their mother they mostly get a choice between a banana, piece of homemade bread or granola...such a boring mother

repetition...making up songs and humming the same two notes over and over, pressing the same button on the activity book over and over, making the sheep say "baa" more times than I would like to count (all the while staring blankly at me when I finally flip out and say something in a not-so-patient voice)

screaming "THEY'RE NOT" after we say..."good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite"


Priscilla said...

Mary, that is such a precious memory. I love your pictures!!

Olivia said...

Anna Ruth LOVES the Sequence for kids game! We play it every Sunday afternoon.