Saturday, February 6, 2010


If I were a journalist or even just a more ambitious writer I would use one of these. I imagine myself tucked away in some attic studio office with the gentle whirring of the typewriter as I muse about my next riveting sentence. My husband has dreams of one day writing books. Maybe one day it will be him sequestered in his work space, clicking away on the typewriter. I have vague ambitions of illustrating some of his verbal inspiration and so I have begun to develop my sketching abilities. So him with the whirring and clicking and me with the sketching and blending. Ah, maybe one of these days...

For now we are snowed in for the 3rd weekend in a row. Snow is fun although the novelty has definitely worn off. I love snow but would love it more if I had the proper apparel. Living in Charlotte for two years did us no favors since it never snowed there and all my former winter stuff ended up at Goodwill. Now we create makeshift ways to stay warm and dry in the snow (at least as much as one can stay warm and dry when paying in tiny ice crystals). I do find myself slightly starting to day dream of the fresh smells of spring, the new crop of vegetables and this year the possibility of a garden of my own.

Until then I will continue tucking myself away inside, sipping hot tea and playing Go Fish.

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