Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coming to a Close

2011 is in its infant stage and I find myself already trying to take in the whole year. What to expect this year and what the unexpected might be.  I can be close to confident that my boys will continue to grow, that we will continue to press on with school, that we will be right here in this house enjoying the newness and forgetting what it was like not to live here.  Then there are the things I hope but am not certain of such as whether this year will bring us another child, whether all the new products floating around in my head will actually be created, and if all the projects that need to be done around here will actually be completed.

One thing I have had to realize is that I have to downsize some things in my life to open up new opportunities for other things to take their place. With this realization in mind I have decided that I need to close my vintage shop on etsy. I do this with bittersweet sentiments. I have enjoyed the vintage treasures I have come across, and I have loved the idea that even if I can't keep all of them for myself someone else might appreciate them just as much. 

It all just ends up being too much though and in the end something has to go. 

So in honor of the new year and the celebration of old things I am running a final 10% off sale on everything in Yesterdays Warehouse. Etsy how offers the option of coupon codes so in order to get this discount just use the code CLOSE11. The doors will be officially closing once and for all January 31, 2011 and that chapter of my business adventures will be closed. 

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