Friday, September 4, 2009

Honey, I love you

My latest discovery is the amazing benefits that honey has. Yes, I've been using it in my bread and feel guilty when I reach for sugar instead of the gift God has given through our friends the bees; however, this is not exactly what I'm referring to. Up until now I didn't realize just how amazing honey is for your skin.

I guess Cleopatra knew this but unfortunately she didn't have a blog so I had to do a bit more research to find out all the amazing benefits that honey really bestows upon our largest organ.

Did you realize that honey is hygroscopic?? Okay, so maybe I didn't know what that meant when I first read it either. What that means is that it actually softens your skin by pulling moisture from the air. In addition to it's moisturizing abilities, honey also has natural antioxidant properties which help protect skin from the exposure to UV rays.

As if that weren't enough there's more. Above all that honey also contains a naturally occurring form of hydrogen peroxide so it works like an antiseptic to kill bacteria on the skin. This is great for those who suffer from acne.

After finding out all this information I was inspired to add a honey soap to my repertoire. I recently made a Honey and Wheat Germ soap that is scented with Lemongrass. The wheat germ acts as a very gentle exfoliant and you know what the honey does. The Lemongrass adds a heavenly scent to the soap. My husband could not stop smelling it after I made it. I also found myself sneaking down to the kitchen to smell it one more time.

Oh, in case your curious I've entitled my new soap, "The Bees Knees"

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brite said...

I was all prepared for a mushy post. :) Can't wait to try this soap, especially as acne becomes more of a problem after I wean Baby T. That lemongrass scent is heavenly!