Saturday, September 26, 2009


Storms can be exhilarating, frightening. As we peer out the window in the safety of our homes, nestled together, the crack of the thunder makes us jump, then laugh--a stilted, nervous laugh. We gather in closer and keep watching and listening. Like the accident we so desperately want to turn away from and see all at the same time, we can't bring ourselves to walk away. Keep watching each flash and waiting in the stillness for the crash to follow.
It does not cost anything in the comfort and shelter of a warm home; the lights glowing, warming the inside. The safe haven.

I watch the storm in another's life. I stay nestled in the comfort of my life surrounded by love and blessing. I stare silently, speechless. I'm not quite sure how to comfort. Floods of "I told you so's" race through my mind but that won't help right now. If only.....but the past cannot mend. The storm is happening now. So I watch and pray and hold my little ones a little tighter, drink in the warmth and safety of my own little room where we all sit nestled together, and pray to the One who calms the storm that He would calm this one.

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