Saturday, September 12, 2009

I need a manual for this?

I have recently taken up treasure hunting at several thrift stores in my area and came upon this book. It was published in 1956 and contains a wealth of information. At first I smirked a bit as I threw it on top of the brand new playmobil I had found for $0.50; however, once I got home and took some time to look through all the lovely things I bought I paused to read a few lines.

I am beginning to realize that maybe in the '50s women took marriage and family a little more seriously (at least the practical out workings of marriage and family). Being the "well prepared" wife that I was, I focused more on what it really meant to be married. On what I was doing when I made vows in church to commit my life to this wonderful man. I had kind of forgotten that it might be nice if I knew how to cook a few meals or at least do more than cut up keilbasa and throw it in Zatarans Jambalya mix.

Well, so far I've been doing this "homemaking" thing for 6 years and have managed to get by but I had no idea what knowledge I was missing until I found this book. For instance, do you know that you're supposed to dust your furniture every day? Hmm, I'm actually trying to recall the last time I dusted. It's not that I haven't noticed the small colonies of dust bunnies collecting on the piano or realized that I probably really should get to it (even though you might not think it I do really like to keep my house clean) I just never thought of it as something I should take a bit more seriously. There's also a whole chapter entitled "Laundry and Spot Removal Made Easy". And several chapters on cooking with wine, how to be a good hostess, what to serve at parties, and so much more.

My favorite part is the chapter entitled "Keep yourself Glamorous". Okay, I admit that I secretly wished I could be Mrs. Cleaver or Donna Reed and wear high heels while I vacuum or scrub the toilet. Well, apparently I can still do that. Maybe I'll reclaim the 50's and start a new trend.

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