Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Finds: Wearing Out

Ashamedly I admit that my free time in college was spent mostly by sipping coffee and pouring over magazines at B&N or adding to my wardrobe.
Needless to say once I joined the married world I brought with me a love for lattes and a lot of clothes (unfortunately not a lot of savings to my frugal husband's chagrin).
Since those glorious days I have not had much of a chance to go shopping. Pre-children, I convinced myself that I wouldn't be one of those moms that couldn't keep up with the styles. The moms that seem to wear pretty much the same thing all the time. Unfortunately, all those naive aspirations have been overtaken by practicality. In desperation I have in the past toted my two small boys and infant into a dressing room only to remain there for a diaper change and nursing session. I think the sales clerks were eager and relieved to see me leave!
Most of my shopping these days is done with mouse in hand. Thus, this weeks "Friday Finds" is dedicated to the world of online fashion.

NOTE: Most of my picks will revolve around dresses/skirts. Because I have a slight obsession with Donna Reed (meets bohemian), because I pride myself in being somewhat counter-cultural, but mostly because my husband prefers me in skirts/dresses (not for any moral reason, but mostly because pants seriously do not flatter my figure). All that said it takes a bit more work to be stylish, trendy, and just plain me in skirts and dresses (but since I'm part hippie it works out just fine).


This company has amazing dresses. Read their story about how they came to develop their company.



My figure probably requires something a bit more fitted than this but I find myself constantly drawn to the clothes that have several flowing layers.


Another one from Idea 2 Lifestyle



This one is way out of my price range and I'm not sure where I would ever wear this but I still love it non-the-less.


I've been wanting this dress since my sister-in-law sent me the link oh-so-long ago! They have some wonderful designs.


Meredith said...

Oooh...I love Shabby Apple's dresses! Have you checked out Nations Outfitters ( I'm itching to get the LA Dress - if it will just come down in price. :)

Amy Warden said...

I vote for Blue Lotus! Of course, I prefer a more fitted look... :)

Kristin said...

Very cute stuff! I esp. love that ruffle-hem coat that looks like something straight out of Pride and Prejudice! - I was actually commenting today to see if you might be interested in participating in some giveaways I'm doing for my blog readers in the month of May. I'm looking for people who might be willing to donate a small prize (maybe a variety of your small soaps) in return for some exposure on my blog.- Just e-mail me if you're interested in participating! Hope you, JB, and the boys are all well! My e-mail is: ~Kristin