Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Finds

I meant to start this last week but alas, time ran out on me and I was stranded without a hope of completing my desire in time. So here I am trying again with the hope that I will be able to remain consistent.

April is a time of birthdays for my family. My birthday, my dad's, my father-in-law, my niece and my sister-in-law all enjoy and share the sunny/rainy month of April. When I was growing up I thought of April 30th as my day. I knew of no one else who enjoyed balloons, cake and presents on that day and kind of considered myself to be unique. The day was special to me and no one else. When I met Ben I soon discovered that his sister was also born on April 30th. As much as I thought the odds of that were slim, I consented that at least one more person in the world would have probably been born on that day. Why not have it be my sister-in-law? However, that was not quite enough. Apparently there was more for me to discover because almost 3 years ago a little girl joined our family and decided to make an appearance on MY day. Shock!

So not only is April a busy month but the very last day of April, the day when April says goodbye and gives way to May flowers, boasts 3 birthdays in my family alone.

Thus begins the succession of my "Friday Finds" posts. I will try very hard to discover all things wonderful for you to see and find for yourself. Most of it will come from Etsy because Etsy is a world of undiscovered and talented artists but hopefully there will be treasures from other places as well.

Today I am focusing on Art. Mostly because I just indulged in a drawing book of my own. I am eager to fine-tune my drawing skills and much more able to appreciate the skill in others. Also, because I LONG for a wonderful SLR camera to capture my small world in and therefore stand in awe of those who capture it so well.

My first pick comes from the studio of Erin Tyner. This one is entitled "Rose".


Fine Point Studio is a bit above my price range but the art is exquisite:

"Sea Level"

The House of Six Cats brings art to another level. It is not just something to hang on the wall but beauty that can be worn and used every day.



"London Square"

Because I only have boys I have a new appreciation for cowboys.
This is a pencil drawing from M. Nelson


There are so many more amazing and talented artists and I am so incapable of representing all the amazing things I find on etsy alone but this is a beginning.

Thus, "Friday Finds" is officially launched.

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