Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I know this is a few weeks late but I am finally getting a chance to reflect on the various Easter events we participated in.

On my visit to PA, the small town my friend lives in was having their annual Easter Egg Hunt. This experience was my and my children's first. In this town they literally hard-boiled and colored what seemed like an endless supply of eggs. They then scattered these eggs in a square section of the grass and roped it off. Anxious hunters, with buckets in hand, attacked these eggs and each other once the siren sounded. Needless to say me and my littlest guy made out with all of two eggs. I suppose I don't have the fierce competitive edge one needs in this type of situation. I did keep trying to move past the realization that they actually used real eggs.

My sister-in-law also holds an annual egg hunt of her own in her own yard. These eggs are far from real. Their plastic bodies filled with all kinds of wonderful easter delicacies. We were all very excited about this hunt. Unfortunately I had no real buckets when the time came and had to improvise. I'm wondering if I should send this to Oxy-Clean.

Warren came up with this one on his own.

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Kristin said...

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