Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Making a wish

Today marks the 6th year in my oldest son's life.  He seems relatively unfazed. Don't get me wrong. He loves the fact that it is his birthday.  He gets to take a day off school, watch movies, play games and even have chocolate chip waffles with chocolate syrup for breakfast.

I am guilty of wanting birthdays to be special. I probably make too much of them sometimes. His party was shared with his cousin on Monday night but I still could not resist the urge to make his actual day special as well.  I thought of all kinds of wonderful things to do but honestly we've been gone for two days and I was longing for a day home. So I have tried in other ways to make this day special for him and he is enjoying every minute. I have to remind myself that it really doesn't take much to make a 6 year old happy.

The cowboy party went very well. It was slightly wet and muggy and the mosquitos joined us without an invitation so we passed on saddle riding, pin the star on the wanted poster and many other things we could have done to boost the party from a "family get together" to "pottery barn kids". August is no time for a birthday (sorry Warren).  I did spend much of Monday working on his cake. I was determined to make a cowboy hat and although it wasn't exactly what I was envisioning I was happy when it was all done.

We have reserved one special gift for Warren to be given tonight with just our family. Other than that he has already been enjoying the day with playmobil (his gift from us and my parents).

I wish I could say I have spent the day reflecting on the last 6 years, thinking of what it was like when Warren was just a tiny 6lb infant in my arms. Time has flown by and yet I love every minute of him being older. I love the talks we have as we are driving into town, the things he is learning and devouring in school, the moments he is already taking to reflect on the meaning of life or just the times we are being crazy, dancing, reading comics and laughing.  Every year is fun and I hope that I can enjoy all of them.

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It was fun to come across your blog. We miss you all. I just had to pass on these articles which support and edify the homeschooling mom. (be sure to read the comments)
Laura F