Friday, August 13, 2010

A New Addition

Unfortunately my Friday Finds post will have to wait. Things have been a bit crazy around here with the new addition to our family.

When my college graduation was approaching I made a list of the things I wanted to do immediately after the dust settled and I found myself moving on to something else.  The #1 thing on my list: Get a dog.

My parents had gotten me a dog when I was in 4th grade and I had grown extremely attached to him.  He had some health complications and had to be "put down" while I was in college. I was amazed at how deeply it effected me. I was determined that as soon as I could I would get another dog.

Shortly after meeting Ben I asked the deeply personal question, "would you ever have a dog of your own?" Yes, skipping the questions about kids and a family, I dove in to the core issue, does he like dogs?

Unfortunately life usually never goes as planned and mine certainly didn't. I moved into several rentals which did not allow pets and once I got married seemed to find myself in the same situation.  It didn't keep me from broaching the subject....often. Ben looked on the practical side of things. What would we do when we went away? How would we house train a dog and kids? Did I really want another infant to take care of?  His arguments made sense to my logical side but did not sway my desires.

As of Thursday morning I still found myself with 3 kids, a great apartment and a wonderful husband, pressing on with the first week of homeschooling and still dogless.  That is until Ben surprised me. He showed up with Lucy. A little terrier who is so very sweet and adorable and has made her way into our hearts already.

I finally have my girl and am loving every minute of it!


Kristin said...

What a cutie pie! I'm so happy for you and your newest addition. We are first time dog owners too, and although it has its challenges, I LOVE having a 4 legged member of the family :-) Good job Ben!

Sara Nipper said...

Yay! a dog! I seem to sound more like Ben. I did not want a dog. I already had three kids to take care of and it had been so nice not having to worry about a dog. But TC swayed me. His argument, did you have pets? What are your memories of those pets? Is it fair to deny our kids the same memories? So I caved. We love Hershey though. Terriors/schnauzers are the best!

Anonymous said...

She reminds me of Shadow. :-) Or what I remember Shadow to be is probably more like it. Congratulations....enjoy your new family member.
Abby Hyink

Anonymous said...

She is really cute!! Almost makes me want another dog but not quite! mom

Jo said...

Oh, how awesome! Congratulations! Your boys are going to love life with a dog, too!!