Friday, August 27, 2010

So We Beat On

These days I'm getting used to a new normal. I keep thinking "things are going to slow down" but the pace quickens and I adjust--sometimes well, other-times not as well.

Another Friday has come too quickly and I must postpone yet another Friday Finds.  I am musing over what next wonderful treasures from Etsy to focus on but until then I will keep up a running pace with everything else going on.

On the very bright side of things. I have been busily working in my little workshop. Researching about all things wonderfully natural for your skin and creating new products either on paper or in my mind that I will soon be adding to my shop.  One of the most recent additions will be a line of perfumes, starting with one that was created using the same scents I have put in my Fifth Avenue Body Butter.

Another new addition will be a Dog Shampoo Bar in honor of my new little friend whose beautiful white coat needs just as much if not more attention than my own hair.

From there my products will move to the face with face masks and all things to make our faces radiate in the coming months when the air is dryer and our skin suffers even as we drink in the refreshing beauty of fall.

So all these things have been much on my mind, as is our school which is ever continuing and of course the best news of all, the fact that I think we have finally found a house (more info on this to come in the very near future).

For now we press on looking for hope and strength and sometimes finding it.

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Sarah said...

oh, yay! I'm excited about the perfume! How fun and adventurous of you!