Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sipping Tea

There is so much I want to post but I am finding my time already blurring into the next day and there is still so much left to do in this one.  I do hope to get back into my writing routine. I hope to revisit Friday Finds once again as I have already let things go for another week.

I am sorting through what it means to have a blog. What it means to be real. How open are we supposed to be with our readers?  How much information do we share regarding our trials, joys, lessons, and everyday life. I found myself very much blessed by my sister-in-law's latest post about the struggles she has been going through in trying to have another baby and loosing 3 in the space of 4 months.

So as I sort out what to say and what not to say I will leave you with the few everyday things that have highlighted my life this past week.

First of all I decided that this would be the time to completely revamp the look of my products. I have changed the labeling of my soap to reflect a more clean look instead of what I have been doing (which was a bit wordy for a label).  I also spent way too much time designing and ordering official business cards, making and posting a new perfume and body butter and also making a dog shampoo bar which I am going to post soon. I used it tonight on sweet Lucy and it did wonders for her coat! I am very excited about this one.

The other major change I have made this week is switching from coffee to tea. If anyone out there knows me at all they would have just let out a short gasp at that statement. I have been drinking coffee since I was in 4th grade (you can blame my parents for that).  Even a month ago I would not have been able to envision my morning without it and yet for some reason a switch just flipped in my mind. I suddenly thought, I think I would rather be drinking tea. Maybe I am getting old. Maybe I am verging on insane but I have thoroughly enjoyed the transition. I stocked up on several black teas (I definitely would not be switching if it was to herbal tea) and look forward to it every morning (it's the little things!).  Me and the boys also have tea time almost every afternoon but I will get to that more some other time.

More to come either personal or mundane.

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Kristin said...

I love tea! What are some of your favorites so far? I'm excited to hear about your new face line...I NEED HELP in that area. Also excited to hear more about the house you may have found. Hope you're enjoying your Thursday so far!