Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holding On

Lately I have been holding a little tighter to the blessings that surround me. Those little moments that so easily and quickly pass me by without notice.  The brilliant blue eyes of Christopher as he sings his undecipherable words and exclaims over every small detail of his life. The goofy faces and surprise kisses from Peter as he sneaks in tiny moments when the attention is drawn to him. The very insightful observations of Warren who acts more and more like an adult trapped in a small boys body and his sudden outbursts of joy or cries of frustration at the happy and difficult things in his life.

I look on these moments even more as we wait for so many things. So many thoughts can easily overshadow these everyday moments. Concerns that the house will not be as clean as I want it to be, that there seem to be more needs that I can keep up with in my family and in those around us, that the book I chose for book club may not be a joy to anyone else but me, that my business may go through a dry spell or that I won't be able to keep up when it doesn't, that we will never find a house in downtown and will continue spending much of our precious time in the car, that the growth of our family would stop here and not contain more tiny faces and brilliant smiles.

All these things can distract me from the breathtaking beauty that I am immersed in. The beauty of my precious boys. The beauty of a healthy marriage and loving family. The beauty of fall as its cool breeze rustles through the trees and caresses our faces.

I am learning. Slowly. Painfully. I am learning to stop wanting more and to make the most of each of the moments I am given today.


Jenn said...

I have those same thoughts often, but it is so nice that God has given us the grace to see the blessings He has bestowed upon us! It's good to know that others go through this as well!

Jo said...

I totally relate to this post! Preach, girl, preach!!!

Kristin said...

What a beautiful lesson. Thanks for reminding us Mary! I think that if we're too busy being thankful and relishing all that we ARE surrounded with, suddenly, we have no time left to realize what we DON'T have. You know?