Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Things I say almost 100 times a day:

put your crocs in the basket!

christopher leave lucy alone

just a minute


focus on what you are doing

look in front of you when you walk

Things I do almost 100 times a day:

pick up the shoes and put them in the basket

wipe the counter

take lucy out 

Things I should say but don't:

it's okay

i love you

you're doing a great job


Things I should do but often don't:

hug after boy randomly steps on car, runs into wall, stubs toe, or any other manner of small injuries that occur somewhat regularly

forget about the laundry and ironing and spend hours just reading to the boys

run outside with the boys

leave the shoes alone and let the boys pick them up eventually or find them when they are frantic to go outside

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