Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finding a home

A few weeks ago I ended a joyous post exclaiming that I thought we had finally found a house.  Since then I have been waiting to share the wonderful news and dance all around feeling the glorious excitement of finally having a place to call home, to put down our roots and start marking walls with the height of each of my children.  Unfortunately that news must wait; that dance must be postponed.

This little family of mine has been looking for a house for over a year now.  We started out just kind of meandering through craigslist and haphazardly driving through some of the neighborhoods we admire.  That meandering turned into a more focused search and from that our hearts began to be filled with the desire to buy a house and settle in for years to come.  This searching has come with much prayer and a lot of waiting.

When we finally discovered a cute 1940s house near downtown our hopes were chained and we were desperately hiding the key so they wouldn't escape and start soaring to new heights. It is very hard to keep ones hopes under lock and key but we did all we could to accomplish this.  We made an offer and tried to push every thought of where our furniture would go, what vegetables we could grow in the back yard, what books we could read snuggled in the living room.  After the offer was made we heard that the owner would accept it but the she was still uncertain where she would live and did not want to make any contractual obligation to us until she knew for certain she was going somewhere.

Even though this news was happy, sad and uncertain all at the same time we still waited eagerly for the answer we so longed to hear--that she had found a place and we would be moving into her lovely home that seemed so perfectly suited for us.

We finally got a call a few weeks ago (when my original mention of the house appeared on this blog) that she was indeed going to sign our contract. So the keys to the chains were brought out and our hopes were tentatively set free although nothing is ever certain until a contract has been signed. The reasons for our apprehensions were realized when the next day we heard that she was having more doubts and was not ready to sign anything.

So here we are, still waiting.... At this point the house is growing into a faded memory of what might have been.  We're trying to move on.  There's still tiny glimmers of hope that spring up when her realtor informs our realtor that she's still looking, still trying to find another home for her own things and memories to go into but it does not look promising.

For now we are staying here, in our country paradise. A place we do not own but are nevertheless enjoying. Trying to remain content with the drive and the distance and still praying and waiting.....

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