Friday, October 8, 2010

Going Camping

One of the reasons for my earnest attempt at getting better was in anticipation of this weekend.  During the summer our church did a men and boys camping trip. I didn't mind that at all as it gave Ben a time with our two older sons and me an excuse to rent a movie he would never watch and try a Bertolli meal for the first time (I was surprised at how good it was!).  So as they were roughing it I was enjoying some much needed alone time with Christopher and my stay-in Italian meal.
Well, this weekend is going to be different.  They announced another camping trip only this time it is going to be everyone.  It may sound a bit strange but I am actually pretty excited.  I have technically never gone camping. I guess there was that time in high school. The only other attempt at camping was made by my husband and I shortly after we got married. We thought it would be wonderful to pack up some sleeping bags, canned ham, and other great necessities and camp on the Appalachian trail during the fall.  The only trouble was that Ben didn't get home until after it was already getting dark. We forged on ahead not dissuaded by the darkness that was beginning to fall. Drove up into the mountains, through some pretty scary woods (at least they seemed that way at night) only to walk around for about 10 minutes, get totally freaked out and make out way back home to our cozy apartment and soft bed. 
Thankfully this time it's a little more organized and I am pretty excited to be able to drink in the stars. The sky is perfectly clear and the night promises to be very cool.  So with sleeping bags in hand, we are going camping!

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