Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Fall is full of so  many wonderfully fun things. Unfortunately this year we have not been able to participate in as many as we would have liked to. We missed the local pumpkin farm's corn maze, hay riding, pumpkin picking, animal petting fun but we were able to make it to a smaller event.
The spay and neuter clinic that my husband helped remodel (and also the place that found us Lucy) was having a pre-Halloween event.
We don't normally do much for Halloween. In fact, we don't do anything. We have tossed around ideas of celebrating Reformation Day or all sorts of things but in the end we would rather turn the porch light off and hunker down for a family movie night and pretend we don't hear the knocking on the door. For those avid trick-or-treaters out there you are probably appalled.  At one time in our past we gathered our arms full of small bits of candy and stood at the door anxiously awaiting the first ghoul or goblin. Our 2 year old at the time was just as eager until the first costume arrived.  He ran away screaming and it was all we could do to get him to come out of his room. From then on we've decided just to snatch up all the candy the day after Halloween and run around all year dressed up as something.
At this most recent event however, only Lucy showed up in costume.  As I mentioned earlier, it was plan B (little red riding hood with a basket of goodies for grandma) but she was still adorable.  We entered her in the pet costume contest but didn't stay to participate. They were giving my latest creation away as a prize so I was happy to bow out gracefully.  The boys ate popcorn, candy, caramel apples and threw bean bags.  How much more fun could you ask for?

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