Thursday, October 7, 2010


I really believe my mom was superwoman.  I don't recall a time when she was sick, or at least sick and I knew about it. One thing she always said, "When you are a mom you don't get to take the day off."  And it was true for her.  She worked and did everything around the house and I don't ever remember hearing her complain about it.  She does tell one story of a time when both of us girls were young and in the throws of the stomach flu...she was too. She couldn't stop to care for herself but just thought of how to take care of us even though she was absolutely miserable. 
This image has remained in my mind. Every time I start to get sick I am determined not to stop. My first action is to ignore the fact that I am sick (maybe if I ignore it, it will go away).  When that doesn't work I have to give in to the reality that I am but I still try to keep going. The kids still need food. Life still goes on.
This time I was able to get some rest.  I slept much of the day yesterday and my 6 year old son took care of everything (at least everything he could). He said, "If you get a cut, mommy, I'll bring you the bandaids, and if you need medicine I will bring it to you." I assured him that if he could just watch his brothers for a bit that would be just fine.  He even went so far as to take his youngest brother potty and wipe him (now that is brotherly love!). I was impressed with how much he could do. Even last night he insisted on sweeping and mopping the floors (the floor being one of my cleaning obsessions). So I join the land of the living even more impressed with my boys. 
I am still confident that as a mom you rarely get the luxuries of having a sick day.  If you don't do the job, who will?  Yet we are given grace to continue in our calling and press on even when we don't feel well, would rather be in bed, but the world spins on and we still have to take care of the little ones God has given to us. 
thank you mom for setting such a wonderful example of strength....


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo and beautiful post!

GojiJuiceGoodness said...

That's impressive that the boys were able to do so much! Good for them! I hope you're doing better. :)