Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Finds: The Perfect Mug

A few years ago my husband gave me a wonderful Mother's Day gift--a handmade pottery mug that he picked up while in Annapolis. From that moment on it has been the only mug I have used.

Everyone has their own style. This style ranges from mugs that can hold a supersized McDonald's portion to tiny dainty sipping mugs that hold one shot of espresso.

I fall somewhere in between those two options. I prefer a sturdier handle and wider base because I am a clutz and anything too narrow or dainty is sure to either get broken or tipped over. I also prefer a mug that doesn't hold too much. If it holds too much or if the mug itself is too wide than the coffee cools before the mom in me can actually settle down to steal a few sips.

My perfect mug, the one I've been hand-washing and setting in a spot reserved only for me, held its last cup of coffee last Thursday. My unfortunate clumsiness won the battle and I hit the rim of it on the cabinet and the rest is history.

So this Friday Finds is a search for a new, versatile and perfect mug.











To Blessed Bee Apothecary said...

the Single Serving Coffee Maker by Pinkkiss Pottery is just beautiful.

Dancing Dolphin Pottery said...

Mary, I'm with you! I always like to buy mugs from my favorite potters (or ceramic artists). My collection out grew our cabinets so my husband had to build me a couple of shelves in the dining room! Thank you so much for including my blue mug; I'm honored! Love all your picks and I'll share your blog on my FB page.
Thanks again!

P.S. - I wrote a similar blog in June, wanna see my picks?

Now I'm off to check out your Etsy shop. Have a great day!