Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Rain

Things are slowly returning back to normal here. Our trip home from Florida was marked with several stops. The first one set the tone for the entire trip. On our way out of town, bleary eyed and frustrated in general at having to drag ourselves out of bed so early (we are definitely NOT morning people!), we decided to stop by Wal-mart and get fruit and bagels instead of the grease filled breakfast biscuit that most places offer. After stocking up on our very small feast we loaded back into the van with 13 hours ahead of us. As Ben was buckling in my younger boy my oldest leaned over to adjust a shoe, fell out the van door, onto the pavement with only his head to stop his fall. Ben ran over to see him lying on the wet pavement making small whimpering noises. Other than a rather large bump on his forhead and his complaining of a headache he was fine.

I took on my trying-to-be-calm-but-sort-of-freaked-out motherly stance as I recalled several TV shows where the kid innocently bumps his head only to fall over dead the next day due to unknown internal bleeding. Okay, the odds of that are really slim but why is it that it seemed like such a real possibility at the time? So I was watching for all the signs. He kept saying his head hurt. Then he had to go potty. Then he started throwing up (looking back he was probably just extremely overly exhausted). The after 3 or 4 stops in a 15 minute time frame, my other son has to go potty. On that stop we find out the youngest has blown out a diaper and needs a bath let alone a diaper change. Needless to say that was a VERY long morning. Lunch time brought some relief even if we were only a very small distance from our starting point and after that we made excellent time and finally made it safely home.

Since then I have been catching up, making more and more soap, reading many, many books to the boys and relishing the last few months of summer. It is flying by and I want to savor it while I can.

During the past few days we have had some pretty heavy downpours. The boys finally mustered enough courage to actually run, dance, and play until thunder was heard in the distance. How I love summer rain.

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Priscilla said...

I love the pictures, Mary -- and I could remember playing in the rain, a mere 55 years ago. ;-)