Friday, July 16, 2010

Town vs. Country

We have this adorable book called Town Mouse, Country Mouse in our Jan Brett collection (I'm sure those of you with any little people in your life have read it 10 times over). There are two different little mice families each longing for a change. So in an effort to taste what they have never experienced they decide to switch places and try out a new way of life, only to find that they really do belong where they came from. The town mice settle back into their hectic, comfortable town pace and the country mice return to their country strolls and quaint home.

Having moved into the country I deeply sympathize with the country mice. I love seeing the stars so brilliantly at night, being surrounded by deep Virginia woods and the blue ridge mountains, deer that run only feet away from me at dawn, blackberry bushes, and so many other things that inspire awe. In fact one of the things that motivates me to go jogging down the extremely steep "hill" in the morning is the breathtaking view that awaits me at the bottom. How could one not rest in deep contentment surrounded by all of this beauty?

Yet, I can't seem to escape our vision. As I was driving into town in the cool twilight of the evening I saw many people out walking through town, returning home or making a quick trek to the local shops or the store to get a few last minute things. I was overcome with the desire to be with the people (which is not natural for an introvert). To be able to have people over so easily and freely. To get to know students more deeply and be an evidence of grace to all around. How can we do that if we are so far away from everyone? How can we truly advance the kingdom and reach out to others if we are tucked away in our little country paradise?

Thus I am renewed again in my spirit and longing to serve. I am finding it hard to be content here. To wait until the timing is just right and it is obvious we are supposed to make the next step. Sometimes things just don't make sense. If I long so much to serve and advance the kingdom why am I being called to wait here a bit longer? I rest in reasons beyond my understanding and pray that soon the path will be illuminated and it will all fit together.

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