Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Finds: Traveling in Style

Traveling has been much on my mind lately. I suppose that seems obvious given the latest trip we just made. However, my sister-in-law and her husband have also brought the excitement of travel to the family as they left the country yesterday on their way to Scotland in celebration of 12 years of marriage. My brother-in-law's father immigrated from Scotland so his roots are still very evident there, yet this is their first time there together. My camera is making the long journey with them and how much I long to pack myself up with it and go as their silent photographer (I think that would somewhat put a damper on their romantic getaway though).

So in all of this I am thinking not only of the journey but what you use to pack all the precious things you want to take with you. I have had my share of suitcases in the past and I think suitcases are one of the many things that really were made better in the "old days". What made us change from the hard case that really protected our things to nylon that conforms, stretches and rips only to leave our belongings crushed under the strain?

So here a few finds that I have discovered that not only look extremely classy but will also protect your possessions.

The Train Case





The Case




The Whole Set



Chocoholic said...

Ok, the Casual Chic one and the Light Blue (sold already!) are so great! Love the little finds you are putting out. Do you get commission checks if one of your reader buys the stuff you post? You should!:)

Mary said...

I'm sorry that some of them have sold already! I should have checked more thoroughly before I posted the final post. I was actually put together enough this week to work on this ahead of time! I'm glad some of them are still available though. There are some great suitcases out there!