Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Days

Days filled with....

learning the shorter catechism in the morning to tunes I am making up or recycling (the boys have memorized it extremely well when put to music)

reading Little House on the Prairie to the boys (ashamedly I have never read any of these, we just finished Little House in the Big Woods)

going to the library (we are in the midst of their summer reading program although I have been somewhat disappointed in the rewards offered, it's amazing how quickly I can be disappointed by something that is really a favor for the kids)

cousin time (lots of cousin time this next week as 2 or 3 of them come to stay with us while their parents are touring Scotland)

inflating the kiddie pool, filling the pool, watching kids, dumping the muddy water out of the pool after kids fill it with mud, deflating pool

slip and slide (until the water from the well is drained)

picnic lunches at the park

frantically trying to eat loads of cucumber, beans, cabbage and the first tomatoes of the season

potty training (turning out to be successful on this, my 2nd, attempt)

1 comment:

brite said...

Hooray for successes (of the potty nature). Muddy water just means a lot of fun before the mud! We seriously need a pool!