Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fun in Florida

I am sad again to admit that my Friday Finds this week will have to wait until next week. This past week we journied down to Florida to visit family. Unfortunately our time here doesn't include long strolls on the beach or cool dips in the blue ocean water. We are here in Pensacola, where the beaches have been effected by oil and the chemical they have used to try to disperse it.

So thus far my family has not visited the beach. My sister and her daugher couldn't contain themselves and went anyway. Her daughter brought a friend along who has never seen the beach before so she grabbed her frist glimpses in spite of the oil filled water. They swam for a bit, talked with CNN and brought home some tar balls (little balls of oil that have collected into balls are in the water and on the sand).

We might venture out today and see what it looks like. At this point I have no interest in letting my children get in the water. I am uncertain about what the chemical they have used to treat the oil will do to their systems, now or in the future.

Thankfully we came here for more than just the beaches and have been enjoying our time very much. We were even able to take the boys out to a movie last night (which is an extremely rare treat in our family since it is not an inexpensive endeavor).

I'm off to vacate more, enjoy my family, work on my drawing, read that stack of books I carted with me all the way down here and just be away for a few more days.

Happy 4th of July!

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Kim Crist said...

Uh oh, the oil situation doesn't sound like a lot of fun. :( But, I know from experience that when the weather is gorgeous, the water is gorgeous and the sand is ..... I NEVER manage to read through the bag of books I bring with me on vacation! Hope you're enjoying your time there. You're only 4.5 hours from us! If you guys need a place for the night or want to come by for a brief respite from driving, I would love to see you! Just let me know. :)